Driving lessons in Swindon

Generally if you only have one hour driving tuition per week, it will take you approximately 6-7 months to get to the test stage. However, if your budget and time allows you to, you can speed up the process and in various ways.

ACE Driving School Courses available:

  • Intensive courses
    If you wish, you can choose to complete my intensive course, which can be covered in the space of a week or 10 days. Flexibility is key, and how often you wish to take lessons in the intensive course is entirely up to you. Overall, the aim of the intensive course is to complete the syllabus in a short space of time, essentially speeding up the process.
  • The semi intensive course
    Generally takes a period of 5 days to complete, however its completion depends on how often you wish to take lessons. However, it is vital to take regular lessons, preferably without gaps as that can disturb the rhythm of your learning and will result in prolonging your driving course. In my experience, intensive courses are favourable due to their consistency, as these courses create a routine, aiding you to grasp the syllabus much quicker.
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Pass Plus driving courses

Pass Plus is a voluntary scheme that offers many unique benefits to newly qualified drivers. Newly qualified drives are much more vulnerable than they realise, and are more likely to have an accident within their first two years of driving than at any other time in their driving career. The aim of Pass Plus is to enable the new driver to develop their existing ability and to acquire new skills, thus reducing the risk of accidents. Another major benefit of Pass Plus is that it enables the driver to qualify for cheaper car insurance, with up to a 30% reduction. The actual syllabus consists of 6 modules and a minimum of 6 hours must be completed.

As well as intensive driving courses, weekly hour tuition is also available.


Adi,s and Pdi,s welcome - Flexible packages available

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